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Virginia Seafood Commercial Landing Figures 2019

LANDINGS AND VALUE OF TOP 20 VIRGINIA SPECIES 2019 Species Poundage Dollar Value Eastern Oyster 3,434,635 $39,544,110.00 Blue Crab 28,729,190 $35,057,862.00 Sea Scallops 3,898,803 $34,983,183.00 Menhaden 332,511,812 $26,921,609.00 Clams 3,773,220 … More »

Facts About the Virginia Seafood Industry 2019

FACTS ABOUT THE VIRGINIA SEAFOOD INDUSTRY 2019 The Virginia seafood industry is one of the oldest industries in the United States and one of the Commonwealth’s largest. The Virginia Institute … More »

November is Virginia Oyster Month!

November is a very special time of year, yes there is Thanksgiving but we are talking about something different that is just as fun and delicious to celebrate, we are … More »

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Virginia Retail Directory

If you’re having trouble finding Virginia Seafood products near you I guarantee you can find something from the many online stores as well as brick & mortar locations located in … More »

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2018 Virginia Commercial Landings Figures

Every year the Virginia Marine Products Board compiles data from VMRC and NOAA to create a chart with the top 20 species in Virginia as well as compare and landings to the landings of other states. As of 2018 Virginia remains first on the east coast and third in the nation. More »

Virginia Seafood Sustainability March 2018

Virginia Seafood Sustainability Report

Virginia Seafood Sustainability A report requested by the Virginia Marine Products Board Robert A. Fisher Virginia Institute of Marine Science Virginia Sea Grant-Affiliated Extension March 2018   Virginia Seafood Sustainability1 … More »