Fact Sheet: Scup (Porgy)


Scup (Porgy): Stenotomus chrysops

Scientific Name

Stenotomus chrysops

Market Forms

Whole, dressed, fresh, frozen.


Averages less than 10 inches in length and a pound in weight.


Light meat with a delicate, sweet flavor.


January to May.

Nutritional Value

100 Calories (100 grams, 3.5 oz.) 18.9% Protein 2.7% Fat


Can be substituted for butterfish, snapper and perch, among others.


Scup, or porgy as they’re also called, are found all over the world–and they know how to get along once they get there, blending in with any back-ground as their colors change from solid to blotched and from dark to light.


Scup is commercially harvested by trawl off the continental shelf.


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