Fact Sheet: Red Crab


Red Crab: Chacean quinquedens

Scientific Name

Chacean quinquedens

Market Forms

Certified as sustainable by The Marine Stewardship Council the Atlantic deep sea red crab has a brilliant orange smooth shell. Products include live, whole frozen (cooked or raw) fresh and frozen clusters, leg meat, body meat, cocktail claw fingers and snap and eat claws.


Average size is 1-2 lbs. or 5 to 7 inches (12.5cm-17.5cm) across the back of the shell.


It has a sweet taste that has been compared to snow crab. The meat is very white and has a distinct red pigment on the outside like a lobster.


Available Year Round.

Nutritional Value

53 Calories (3oz/85g) 18g Protein 0.5g Fat 62mg Cholesterol Calories from fat: 0 Calcium: 5% Iron: 3% Sodium: 360mg


Because these crabs are caught at a depth of 2,000 feet, the water temperature stays at a constant 38°, which assures their quality.


Red crabs are harvested off the continental shelf, from North Carolina to the Canadian line. The crabs are caught in large conical shaped traps that are left in the water for 24 hours at a time. The crabs are brought dockside live. The fishery is strictly managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service with an annual quota of 3.95 million pounds.


Virginia's waters and products are regulated by federal and state agencies including the FDA, the Virginia Department of Health, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, insuring that only safe wholesome seafood reaches our customers.