Fact Sheet: Ocean Quahog


Ocean Quahog: Arctica islandic

Scientific Name

Arctica islandic

Market Forms

Chopped; frozen; IQF; canned; value-added including chowders, bisques and sauces; and, clam juice.


Adult ocean quahogs measure from 3 to 6 inches across and weigh an average of one-half pound each.


Ocean clam meat is pinkish in color.The meat of the ocean clam is firmer in texture than other clams with a somewhat stronger taste. These clams are generally minced, chopped or cut into strips before they are suitable for the table.



Nutritional Value

54 Calories (100 grams, 3.5 oz.) 8.7% Protein 0.9% Fat 0.14% Omega-3


The ocean quahog has a stronger, richer clam taste and is often used in products which are complemented by this taste, such as a tomato-based recipe.These clams are generally chopped, minced or otherwise value-added. They are excellent for recipes that want to accentuate the clam flavor.


The ocean quahog is also known as a mahogany clam, mahogany quahog, black quahog and black clam. The ocean quahog is a slower growing clam that matures in twenty to forty years. Some may live as long as 200 years. Commercially packed clams are generally 40 to 100 years old.


The vessels used to harvest these sea clams range in size from about 60 feet to 160 feet in length.The ocean quahog’s primary beds are found twenty to thirty miles offshore in depths from 100 to 240 feet.


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